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At Highbrow Reality, we craft cutting-edge, industry-leading Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions.

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Highbrow Reality is a software company based in Chennai, India, specializing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Game Production. With over 8 years of experience, we house a team of avid developers and designers who strive to create state-of-the-art interactive and immersive experiences. With our diverse work experience, ranging from walk-through to product launch experiences, entertainment rides to AAA quality industrial training simulations, Highbrow Reality is a one-stop solution for all your virtual, augmented and mixed reality needs.

Virtual Reality

Immersive. Interactive.

Augmented Reality

Marker-based, targetless and everything in between.

Mixed Reality

Learn, communicate &

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YEARS of experience

Industries benefited by Highbrow Reality


Industry leading training simulations for invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Skill Development​

Highly acclaimed welding simulator which offered first-hand learning experience capable of simulating challenging high-rise and underwater scenarios.


State of the art VR product launch demonstration for a multinational tractor company intuitively showcasing features in a challlenging multi-environment setup.


Operator training simulator for educating workers to maintain process control and handle accidents in high-risk environments.


An extremely sophisticated passive as well as interactive jet engine demonstration in VR for a defense organization that details the internal parts in life size scale.


Informative and interactive seminars about historical events and personalities that makes use of natural language processing.

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